Teachers, Administrators, and Board Members:
Welcome to my Kids Deserve the Best website.  The purpose of this site is to encourage the personal and professional reflection of why we do what we do....and what can we do to make things better in education.  If you are like me, I am tired of hearing all of the excuses and reasons why our students are not learning.  It's time to examine and re-examine what we do, how we do it, and why we do it in order to turn those excuses into celebrations of success.  After all, if we do what we've done, we'll get what we've gotten.  If we want different, we need to do different.  Trust me, the parents aren't keeping the smart ones at home and sending the rest.

Through this website, I hope to educate, agitate, pulsate, translate, advocate, cultivate, elevate, generate, illustrate, indicate, and percolate beliefs, ideas, and strategies that support successful teaching and learning.  Come with me on this journey and be an active participant in the quest toward a balance between reach and realism.  Check out its contents on a regular basis, whether it means bookmarking this site and reading the information or blogging with me. Let's be leaders and not followers and make a difference in our jobs.  We owe it to our kids!